Small Business in Lockdown

A small business in lockdown. Our story.

What strange times we are living in. Some, albeit those who never lived in the time, compare it to the war. However, it is nothing like that as even during wartime, you could meet and hug your friends and relatives. Wartime was much worse and for many reasons which don’t need explaining.

So what do you do with your time in lockdown?

We miss our family dreadfully as they are such a big part of our lives. We chat daily but how do we explain to our 2 year old grand-daughter that she can’t come to see us? It is heart breaking to see her cry but we know we are doing the right thing. She will get so many treats when this is all over as I am sure many grandchildren all over the world will!

So we go out for our once daily walk with Hugo (the dog) and during that time we visit the post box to mail our orders. Thank you Royal Mail. You are our heroes too! We have even made little stickers to put on our parcels to say so!

Dear Postie label for parcels saying thank you to the postal workers from a small business in lockdown
Thank You Royal Mail

Yes we are a small business that is still trading through these difficulties. We have soul searched as to whether we are doing the right thing, but on balance we have decided that we are. The sheer volume of orders we are receiving has proved that we are providing a valuable service. It is not a necessity like toilet roll or hand sanitiser, but it is sanity to a lot of people.

Our business is our income and our sanity. We are very lucky that we run this from home. We don’t employ anybody as we are an internet business, our parcels are letterbox size and we pay our postage online and print our own labels.

Knitters and crocheters all over the world are using this time to wade through their stash of yarn, complete half finished projects and create bands to help ease the ears of our truly amazing NHS and care staff. These people are an inspiration to us all! In doing this, many rely on stitch markers and some just want them as a treat for themselves. Whatever the reason, our small home business brings a small smile.

So thank you everyone that is supporting, not just ours but any small business in lockdown. I am sure that everyone, like us, is grateful and humble.

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