Numbered Rainbow Bead Row Counter


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Numbered Row Counter Rainbow Bead

Numbered row counter for knitting. Pretty rainbow beads with numbered beads and a wool and needles charm at the end.  Includes a lobster clasp stitch marker with a sheep and rainbow bead charm.  This can be used as a stand alone stitch marker or to count the 10s.

The row counter can be used to track up to 99 rows. Each ring is placed on your needle to indicate which row you are working (rows 1-10) and the lobster clasp stitch marker can be attached to a ring to mark the 10s.  For example, in the picture the counter is on row 33.  This abacus style row counter is a great and pretty way to keep track of knitted rows by hanging it on your needles as you knit.

Each progress keeper set comes wrapped in tissue paper and in a white organza bag.

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The row counter can be used on knitting needles up to size 8mm (US 11)


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