Crochet Round Counter and Hook Size Reminder


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Unique crochet round counter and hook size reminder in one

This pretty beaded round counter can also have a numbered crochet hook reminder attached.  When you leave your project, you will be sure that you will remember which round you are on and which crochet hook you need.  Two crochet notions in one pretty and handy clip makes an ideal crochet companion. This is the perfect gift for any crocheter.

The row counter and hook reminder also has a lobster clasp attached to clip to your crochet stitch so it will not pull out.  It can also be clipped to your crochet as you work to help you with stitch or round counts.  When not in use, it can be clipped to your project bag.

The round counter can be bought separately or with a set of numbered crochet hook reminders.  You can purchase the hook reminders in bespoke sizes here.



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